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Of the many nuisance wildlife species in Fontana, none will ruin your yard as fast as gophers. These burrowing rodents will hollow out your lawn by digging extensive tunnel networks, and they’ll add insult to injury by feasting on your garden. Additionally, gophers are vectors for zoonotic diseases like leptospirosis and hantavirus.

You may be tempted to use DIY techniques to rid your lawn of gophers but you’re unlikely to have much success. Bring in a licensed gopher control company to purge these pests from your property in Fontana.

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If your yard in Fontana has been invaded by gophers, Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control will perform an inspection to work out the most efficient gopher control strategy. Our technicians usually start by removing as many gophers as possible via traps placed in their tunnels. When this doesn’t get them all, we’ll weed out the rest with poisoned baits.

If your gopher infestation is bad enough, we can perform our gopher tunnel fumigation service, eliminating all of the rodents with carbon monoxide. After the gophers are all gone, our team will restore the appearance of your lawn by removing gopher mounds around your home in Fontana.


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You work too hard on keeping your lawn clean to let that all be ruined by pesky gophers. Connect with Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control today for the premier gopher control services in the Fontana area!