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It’s a staple of old westerns, “We have to smoke em’ out boys.” Smoking out gophers was once the preferred method of removing this lawn destroying, garden eating pest, but was soon replaced by poisons, chemical repellents, and traps. People have even tried flooding burrows with a hose — which doesn’t work. The average person is not adept at using any of these methods, and poisons, in particular, are dangerous to other wild animals, pets, and children when not administered by a professional. The telltale crescent-shaped mound of dirt on your green lawn or in the middle of your tomato plants should be the limit of your involvement in removing gophers from your property. When you have a gopher infestation, the best thing you can do is call us.

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Gophers are the digging champions of the rodent world. Their destructive digging is responsible for millions of lost dollars in agricultural production each year and additional destruction of private lawns and gardens. Five species of pocket gophers call California home with Botta’s Pocket Gopher, the most widespread and damaging of the group. 
As rodents, they are prone to spreading disease and should never be approached or touched if above ground. Human contact with gophers is rare since the rodents spend nearly their entire lives underground. This lack of surface interaction makes the gopher a minor threat in spreading rabies. Still, their saliva, urine, and droppings can quickly spread disease since they are spread above ground when expelling dirt and debris from their tunnels.
Gophers can carry hantavirus, a hemorrhagic disease, and leptospirosis, which is a borne bacterial disease that can cause kidney and liver damage in humans and even death if untreated. The infamous Black Plague that devastated Europe in the middle-ages is carried in the fleas and ticks endemic to gophers as well. 
Gopher urine, saliva, and feces can find their way in runoff as water washes through their tunnels and to the surface in heavy rains. Exposure to disease is carried in this same water, and it can flow directly into wells, public water supplies, and surface water.
We will evaluate your home property, farm, or place of business and create a plan of attack and mitigate the situation. We will come up with a preventative solution as well to halt further invasions and protect your property from these invasive rodents.
Gophers are cute in cartoons and comedies, but they are one of the most destructive outdoor rodents, rivaling mice and rats in property and crop destruction in the more temperate areas of America. Give the pros a call and get Go-Pher The Kill on the job and eliminate your gopher problem. 
We offer gopher control services in Corona, Eastvale, Fontana, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Murrietta, OntarioTemecula, Temescal Valley, and other surrounding areas. Call today!