Stinging Insects

Southern California is home to a wide variety of stinging insects. Wasps, Yellow Jackets, and hornets are essential to our ecosystem and help control flies and many other types of harmful insects. However, throughout their breeding season beginning in early Spring, they search out suitable nesting places near reliable food sources. This often places them in direct conflict with humans and creates both nuisance and risk of injury. They are attracted to many types of human foods. Even if you have not noticed a nest before, a cookout or outdoor meal can immediately attract insects to sweet foods and drinks and the smells of a barbeque grill.
Some are only dangerous when their nests are disturbed or attacked, while other species are always aggressive and prone to attack anywhere near their nests. 

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The two most common types of stinging insects found in Southern California are Yellow Jackets and common Paper Wasps. Yellow Jackets have a familiar yellow and black stripe pattern on their abdomens and create nests from wood and plant fibers that often look like papery honeycombs. They are typically aggressive and will attack humans and animals even when away from their nests when food is present. They are even known to crawl inside soda cans and then sting a victim’s mouth or lips when a drink is taken from the can later.
Wasps are dark brown and black and build larger nests made from wood and tree bark that are more round-shaped. Most wasps are less aggressive than Yellow Jackets but will swarm and attack when their nest is disturbed. Many stinging insect nests can contain thousands of individual insects, and their swarming defensive attack can lead to an immediate risk of repeated stings from a large number of insects. Numerous species have smooth stingers that allow a single insect to sting their target repeatedly. They can cause injury ranging from mild discomfort to death resulting from severe allergic reactions, and stings typically cause significant pain. Multiple stings can lead to anaphylactic shock in susceptible persons requiring immediate emergency medical attention.
An essential part of control is proper species identification. This allows pest control professionals to select and use the most effective and safe removal method for a specific insect type. A professional assessment also leads to a proper exclusionary strategy to close off potential nesting areas inside or on your structures and around your property.
When you see a Yellow Jacket or Paper Wasp nest on your property, or if you suspect that stinging insects are nesting inside a building or tree, call on our team of professionals at Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control. We will handle removing these pests from your property and protect your family, guests, and pets. We place our focus on complete customer service, and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee backs every job we perform. We proudly serve RiversideCoronaNorcoEastvale, and all areas in and surrounding Riverside County. Contact us today for more information related to your stinging insect control needs.