They’re cute, they’re furry, and the most famous one of the species had a moose for a best friend. In their natural habitat, squirrels are an integral part of an arboreal ecosystem. When they decide your attic, garage, or under your front porch is a better place to live, they aren’t so cute or furry. Though they are well disguised, squirrels are just another species of rodent, albeit a more attractive version than a mouse or rat. Squirrels are among the most destructive pests in a confined space. The carnage they create in an attic or if they find their way inside the living areas of a home are the stuff of legend. Squirrels are native to all lower 48 states, and in California, there are four known species, two are indigenous, and two are introduced. 

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The Western Gray Squirrel and the Douglas Squirrel are both California natives. The Western Gray is the giant of the squirrel world at two pounds. They can eat just about any plant, nut, fruit, and are at ease raiding your dog’s dish for food. The Douglas Squirrel is tiny in comparison with the other three species, weighing in at just 12 ounces. The non-native Eastern Gray Squirrel and Eastern Fox Squirrel are slightly smaller than the Western Gray but have become completely at home in central California. 
The species won’t matter to you; what will matter is the noise, the scratching, the urine, and the aroma of droppings that drift down from your attic and the damage they can cause in wiring, insulation and even support structures under your roof. You could try to solve the problem yourself, but why do that when you have an easy solution to your problems, just a phone call away at Go-Pher The Kill. We will conduct a site survey, determine what type of squirrel problem you have, and will catch and control the pesky little rodents. We can determine where the squirrels found entry into your property and come up with a solution to block further invasions.
Squirrels may look cute, but they are a well-known carrier of rabies, and their fur is infested with ticks and lice. It is the insect pests in a squirrel’s fur that can cause the most significant harm to you, your family, and your pets. Fleas and ticks are known to carry Tularemia, a disease famous in squirrels. Typhus, plague, and even ringworm have been traced back to the parasites on squirrels. A squirrel bite can be excruciating, and even if it is not rabid, it can create a severe infection.
Don’t risk getting bit or contracting a dangerous disease in trying to capture these little pests on your own. Give us a call and let the professionals take care of the problem.