Slugs & Snails

Snails and slugs may seem small and non-threatening when you notice them outside. The truth is these two creatures are among the more significant nuisances in the Golden State. The two slimy vegetarians are the only gastropods that can live on land, and they make the most of it by chowing down on your garden. Some estimates say the one single varietal of the pest, the brown garden snail, causes up to $10 million in damage each year.
These creatures aren’t the kind people associate with escargot and fine dining. There are 280 different kinds of snails and slugs found in California, 242 of which are native. The non-native species are known to cause the most damage. 

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Unfortunately, the majority of the pest mollusks found in this state are European, and they relentlessly chew through plants like they’re trying to claim the land for their native countries. The creatures chew holes through leaves, maul newly growing stems, kill the plant, eat fruit and flowers meant for harvest, and even clip roots that destroy the entire plants.
Snails and slugs are very similar creatures, but their differences mean they need to be handled differently by pest control technicians. Snails have hard shells, which slugs lack, and use their shell as a home, and defense against predators. Slugs, because they are free to roam, can often squeeze and sneak into areas snails can’t reach.
Both creatures seek relief from the sun and heat during the day. These pests form a slimy mucus that helps them crawl and so they don’t dry out. Though their food source is more commonly found in your garden, they’ll venture inside your home to avoid the elements. As they crawl, that slime gets left behind in a sticky trail, marking their journey. 
The gooey creatures are hermaphrodites, meaning they don’t have a gender. Because of that, any two that couple together can mate. Some types of pests reproduce at astonishing rates. For instance, the Brown Garden Snail lays about 80 eggs at a time, six times a year. Since they’re so skilled at hiding and most active at night, and you may not realize you have a problem until it’s already gotten out of your control. One anecdote from Florida tells of an outbreak that started with three pet snails and multiplied to 18,000 of the creatures, tearing their way through crops and wilderness.
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