There are 55 species of cockroaches found in the United States, and each one of them is a terror. There are six we worry about most in California. The disgusting bugs spread filth and disease everywhere they roam and are incredibly tough to kill. 
Cockroaches in California are especially challenging to keep out of homes because they’re well-adapted to living with humans. The insect has learned how to use us for their own benefit, sneaking into buildings to seek out food and shelter. They prefer warm, damp areas, and once they break into your home, they high-tail it to your bathrooms, cabinets, furniture, and crawl spaces where they can hide and wait for you to go to sleep. They’re nocturnal and flit about, hiding between cracks and crevices, so they go unnoticed as they sneak between rooms. Daytime activity is a tell-tale sign of a heavy infestation.

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German and American Cockroaches are some of the most infamous, and Oriental Cockroaches are on the rise in California.They are known to spread bacteria that causes Salmonella, Poliomyelitis, and more. They are on a constant mission for food, crawling along your kitchen counter, getting into your fruit basket or pantry, leaving disease-ridden bacteria behind every step of the way. Roaches also carry a vile smell on them, which builds as more gather on your property.
The National Institutes of Health says cockroaches are one of the most common sources of allergens found indoors in the world. People with asthma and eczema can experience flair-ups of their conditions when they come in contact with cockroaches. One of the biggest problems is that you don’t even have to see the bug to experience its negative impact. As the cockroaches wander around your home or office, they leave behind hard pieces of shell that combine with dust in the air and are distributed around the rooms through air conditioning vents. That allergen affects as much as 85% of children’s bedrooms, according to The National Center for Biotechnology Information.
Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to control. They are speedy, can survive without food or water for extended periods, are adept at hiding, and breed very quickly. They can even live headless for up to a week. One German Cockroach lays 50 eggs at a time, seven times throughout a 5-month lifespan. Trying to kill them one by one won’t make a dent in an infestation. They require a full arsenal of pest control techniques to be eliminated, and then to prevent their return.
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