House Pests Make Lousy House Pets
No homeowner likes to discover they have pests infesting their home. When it comes to cringe factor, spiders tend to rank right up at the top of most peoples’ “eew” list. After all, they creep and crawl around, they scare your family, and they live rent-free in the darkest corners and hidden spaces of your home.
Spiders May Bug You, But Don’t Call Them Bugs
Scientifically speaking, spiders are fascinating in their diversity and adaptability. There are over 40,000 species of spiders. But contrary to what most people think, Spiders are not insects; they’re arachnids. They differ from insects in that they have only two sections to their body, instead of three. Spiders also have eight legs, whereas insects only have six. Among the most common spider species you’ll find here in California are the Orb Weaver, Garden Spiders, Yellow Sac Spider, Wolf Spiders, Black Widows, the Chilean Recluse, and Desert Recluse Spiders.

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Your Scream Is Worse Than Their Bite 
The majority of spider species are venomous, but in most cases, a bite isn’t harmful to people. Medically speaking, only bites from Black Widows and Recluse Spiders are likely to require urgent medical attention, that is, unless you have an allergy to stinging insects. For the most part, spider bites are rare. Like most critters, they tend to be more afraid of us than we are of them.
It’s somewhat of a misnomer that spiders move into homes from outside during colder seasons. In most cases, house spiders don’t “move in.” The fact is, they’ve likely lived there during their entire life cycle. More than anything, spiders inside your home probably indicate the presence of insects and other small creatures that they like to prey on. Controlling their food source is often the key to managing their population. The less they have to eat, the less likely they are to stick around.
Give Spiders An Eviction Notice
Spiders may have more legs than you. But fortunately, you have more brains. If you start to notice an excessive number of spiders in your home, call the experts at Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control. Our trained specialists will come out to your home and do a free comprehensive evaluation. We’ll assess your home’s interior and exterior – and offer a range of responsible and effective solutions to remove these unwanted pests from your home and your life. Our spider control options include:
  • Trapping. We use strategically place traps in common spider locations, such as along baseboards, in crawl spaces, and behind large objects.
  • Chemical Control. As a certified and licensed exterminator, we use chemical control agents inside and around the perimeter of your home or building. This will reduce both spider populations – as well as other insects that spiders rely on for food. 
  • Non-Chemical Control. Non-chemical spider control methods can include eliminating rocks, brush piles, stacked wood, unused flowerpots, and other clutter that can create spider-friendly habitats around the exterior of your home. Additionally, we’ll make suggestions for sealing cracks around the foundation and at different points where spiders and pests may be entering your home.
Go-Pher The Kill’s professional pest control team will create a customized spider control plan tailored to your unique home and situation. We’re the most trusted pest control resource for Riverside County and surrounding communities. Call Go-Pher The Kill today.