When you think of pests that ravage the homes of North Americans, you probably think of rodents and termites. While these are certainly some of the most common pest species worldwide, this list does not include what some might consider being a rather obscure addition to the group: beetles. As adorable as some species of beetles are, ladybugs being the primary example, these insects can quickly become the enemy of homeowners – especially those with gardens. 
Beetles are characterized primarily by their hard exoskeleton, something that is typical of a large number of insect types. There’s something special that sets them apart, however.

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Instead of a plain old shell protect their soft insides, beetles have added a bit of flair to their exoskeleton in the form of their stylish wings. These wings can carry the bug for a few yards or a few miles. Some even use their wings for swimming. There are more than 350,000 beetle species, making it the largest, most diverse group currently known in the Animal Kingdom.
Species that Californians will most readily recognize include ladybugs, June Bugs, Lightning Bugs (most commonly known as “fireflies”), and Potato Bugs. They are equipped with intricate compound eyes, each segmented into several hexagonal compartments. These magnificent eyes enable them to be quite impressive hunters – even allowing some species, like the Whirligig Beetle, to see underwater.  
Still, these amazing insects are not all show. They can protect themselves with a wide range of behaviors – some expel formic acid, a substance that can cause burning of the skin and eyes. Others excrete blood: a viscous, yellow liquid that makes them difficult to eat for predatory insects or small animals. There are even species so poisonous that hunters in the Kalahari Desert use them to add a bit more of a deadly sting to their arrows. 
In the context of residential life, however, beetles can still pose a significant challenge to daily life. Many of the 30,000 species of beetle located in the United States cause severe environmental damage and are pesky invaders seeking food from defenseless homes. Bark Beetles, for example, are on record for killing thousands of trees in Western U.S. Homeowners with gardens may be troubled specifically by weevils and Darkling Beetles, each of which attacks non-woody plants. Those without a garden don’t get off scot-free, however, since Flour Beetles and Grain Beetles (yes, those are real names) are likely to invade your home to get into pantry foods like flour, cereals, and nuts. Once they’re inside, the problem can quickly spread. Many types of weevils can live up to 8 months and can lay several hundred eggs at once in your stored foods.
To protect your home from a devastating beetle infestation, call Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control today. You don’t want to give any insects, including beetles, the opportunity to significantly impact your (or your garden’s) health before you take precautionary measures. Whether you’ve noticed just a few beetles in your planted vegetables or the pantry, now is the time to act. Our exterminators at Go-Pher The Kill will make sure that your property stays free of insect pests, keeping you and your family safe. Call for a free estimate, and we’ll get started on a Regular Service Plan that is customized to your needs.