Marching along the ground in armies several thousand strong, battling the harsh sun of the southern California desert, this organism – though small – is a formidable opponent to most species on Earth. Though they outnumber most living things currently in existence, these migratory gatherings may seem, at first glance, to be inconsequential. More often than not, they inspire nothing but annoyance in the hearts of its human neighbors when we see them walking along our homes. Regardless, the ant is one of the most powerful insect species on Earth, especially when members of the colony are working together toward one goal. The problem is when that goal is getting into your home. 
Powerful?” you may be wondering. Such a word may seem out-of-place when describing a creature as tiny as an ant. You may be surprised to learn, however, that these little buggers are capable of lifting objects up to 50x their weight.

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Since their bodies are so small, their muscles are more substantial and bulkier relative to their body mass. This allows them to achieve the equivalent of an adult man lifting a small car without a sweat (and that’s on the more conservative end of the estimate: a minimum of 10x the ant’s body weight). This incredible strength is what allows ants to carry chunks of food from your kitchen to their anthills, and back and forth until they run the stolen resources dry. 
Not all ant species live in large colonies, though. While most people know ants to live in groups of several thousand individuals, some species only share space with a few dozen ants at a time. Smaller colonies tend to take up residence in naturally-occurring crevices and hollows, while those on the larger end of the spectrum create the anthills and nests most people recognize. There are groups of ants so large that they’re referred to as “supercolonies,” amount to more than several hundred million individuals in one family group. These live in only a handful of countries including the U.S.
No matter how large their group size, though, many of the 12,000 ant species that exist are capable of inflicting severe damage to your household. There are about 270 species found in California, the most commonly encountered being the Argentine Ant, Pavement Ant, Carpenter Ant, and the Southern Fire Ant. These species are known to get inside residential buildings and feed on any unattended sugary foods, including honey, fruit juices, and syrup. They also seek out hearty foods containing plenty of fats and meats. When they attack your yard or other external areas of your home, they can often cause outbreaks of other insects, such as aphids. This is because the ants will protect the aphids from predators when given access to another sugary substance the aphids naturally produce, called “honeydew.” An ant infestation can pose a direct threat to your physical wellbeing, though, as there are some species, like the Velvety Tree Ant and Fire Ant, which are capable of painful bites and stings. 
If you are suffering from an infestation of ants, you need to call our expert technicians at Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control as soon as possible. We understand how terrible it can be to be forced to share your home with insects threatening to bite or sting you at any moment. Your health and the integrity of your home should not be compromised for any insects, even those as coordinated as ant colonies.
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