The common cricket is one of the most recognizable insects on earth and even pervades our media and entertainment. There are not many people who don’t know who the character Jiminy Cricket is from Disney’s animated classic film Pinocchio. Although Jiminy certainly doesn’t look like the average cricket, he does share a prevalent trait—he is quite the singer!
Crickets are very noisy, persistent chirpers, a somewhat melodic sound they make by rubbing their wings together called stridulation. The cricket’s song is, in reality, a male’s mating call, usually heard at night, and it becomes more prominent and faster in tempo as temperatures rise.

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It is often a competition among the males to attract the most desirable females, and the lady cricket typically chooses the male with the song she likes best. (So yes, gentlemen, you may find it amusing to note that, even in the insect world, it is the talented musician that gets all the girls.) It is not nearly so funny, however, when those same cricket Lotharios have turned your home into their own personal dating lounge and are disrupting your sleep.
Crickets are found everywhere throughout the world except in very cold climates and have adapted to live everywhere from the highest treetops to subterranean caves. Most are winged jumpers, although some species have evolved to be flightless. There are about 100 different species found in the United States, and three of those—House Crickets, Field Crickets, and Camel Crickets—are some of the most common in the state of California. These crickets may find their way into your home or business.
Crickets are attracted to indoor dwellings for food, warmth, and shelter. They can be a real nuisance to homeowners, even beyond the nightly annoyance of their concerts. Crickets are omnivorous insects and will get into your trash and your food supply. They have been known to scavenge for crumbs and will raid your pet’s food bowl as well as make a meal of your houseplants. They will also feed on paper and damage fabrics, including your furniture, curtains, and clothing.
Getting rid of crickets once they have made their way into your home can be a daunting dilemma. They are very good at hiding, and, just like their grasshopper cousins, they are also excellent jumpers—in fact, it seems like they are amazingly adept at springing away just before you whack them.
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