Wildlife Control Service

Wildlife Removal And Control

We offer a wide range of treatment options for wildlife issues. Each property and pest issue is unique, and our treatment plans are tailored with that in mind. After we assess your situation, we will work with you to come up with the options that will resolve your wildlife issue in the fastest way possible with the goal in mind of no repeat problems.

Squirrel Treatment Options

  • Squirrel Bait Stations: When you are located in an area susceptible to an endless supply of ground squirrels, like a large field, bait stations are an excellent choice for long term control. As squirrels make their way onto your property, they will find the bait and bring it back to their burrow where it is shared with others in their colony. Squirrel populations will not have a chance to build up to problematic levels. We will suggest the number of bait stations to be anchored down around your home or business. Once in place, we will monitor their activity regularly and keep a fresh supply of bait for them to consume.
  • Squirrel Trapping: Typically, the first method we use to eliminate a substantial population of ground squirrels is trapping. Both our live squirrel traps and our kill squirrel traps can catch numerous squirrels (or even entire colonies) in just a few days. This method knocks the population down quickly and can be followed by bait stations to maintain long term control.
  • Tunnel Fumigation System™: In areas where we have access to all the burrow entrances, we can use our Tunnel Fumigation System™ to eliminate them. This method uses a combination of carbon monoxide and a non-toxic additive that quickly fills the tunnel. After removing the ground squirrels, the gas will eventually dissipate without leaving any poison or bait behind.
  • Exclusion: In some cases, exclusion methods can be used to deny ground squirrels access to a particular area. Because ground squirrels can dig under and climb over objects, this may not always be a permanent solution for ground squirrel control.

Mole Treatment Options

  • TrappingTrapping is one of the most dependable methods of control currently available. We will set traps that straddle the tunnel so that the mole is none the wiser. While many home and business owners will try to trap moles on their own, they may be unsuccessful. Proper trap placement and set-up are essential for pest control.
  • RepellentsRepellents are typically not effective on their own. Moles will dig their way to a new location. When placed correctly, however, repellents can steer moles toward pre-set traps.
  • Chemical ControlBaits have shown to be effective against moles. Mimicking the moles’ natural food source, these baits are laid in tunnels and foraging burrows. Once consumed, the moles will die in a few days.
  • Hardware ClothAlthough a temporary fix, hardware cloth can be buried in front of or around precious plantings. This method is never a sole method of mole control but can be used to exclude moles from specific areas.

Gopher Treatment Options

Our standard service lasts for 30 days. This can vary depending on the size of the yard and the amount of activity. Most residential homes can be gopher free in under 30 days.
In our first visit, we usually set traps. We do this in multiple areas depending on how much activity there is. We place flags indicating where the traps are. Traps are placed well within the burrows and not out in the open. We clean up all of the mounds and fill in any small holes made by the gophers before we leave. We then set you on schedule to check the traps in 24-48 hours. We have usually caught gophers at this point. To be sure, we leave a bait inside the burrows in case we missed any or any new ones show up. Hopefully, they will eat the bait and die before doing any more damage. If a gopher was not caught, we then implement our carbon monoxide into the burrows. All methods of control are included in our service.
After these first two visits, we come back in about two weeks for a follow-up inspection. If we see any new activity, we will repeat the process. You are covered for 30 days, so if a new gopher mound appears, call, email or text, and we’ll get out asap. The steps of treatment can vary depending on the situation. This is the average yard.

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