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Gopher Control in Eastvale, CA

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Gophers are common pests that love to dig through lawns and chew through foliage roots, and they can quickly ruin landscaping and create tripping hazards. They can also infect humans with diseases like hantavirus and leptospirosis. If your property in Eastvale has a gopher problem, you should consult a pest control company for the most efficient results.

Expert Gopher Control

When you find gopher holes around your home or business in Eastvale, you may be at a greater risk of personal injury, destroyed landscaping, and exposure to diseases. Go-Pher The Kill creates custom gopher control plans to protect you from harm and avoid additional property damage.

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Our technicians will use safe and effective baiting and trapping techniques in the gopher tunnels to stop your problem in Eastvale. For especially difficult infestations, we can also fumigate the tunnels and attend to your damaged or uneven landscaping.  Once we remove all the gophers, our ongoing pest control solutions will keep them out for good.

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You deserve to enjoy your property without gophers tunneling underfoot and causing untold damage. Call Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control today for the most effective gopher control services in the Eastvale area!