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Gophers are among the most destructive pests found in Corona. If gophers invade your property, they’ll devastate your lawn by hollowing it out to build their tunnels, and they’ll raid your gardens while they’re at it. Gophers are also known carriers of dangerous diseases, including hantavirus and leptospirosis.

If gophers have dug out your yard in Corona, don’t waste your time trying to get rid of them with the garden hose. Leave the job to a licensed gopher control company that knows exactly how to handle these pests.

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Reliable Gopher Control

If gophers have infested your property in Corona, Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control will perform an inspection in order to devise the most effective gopher control strategy for your yard. Our technicians will first try to remove the gophers from your lawn by placing traps in their burrows. If this doesn’t prove effective, we can also eliminate the gophers with toxic baits.

When all else fails, our team can provide gopher tunnel fumigation services to eradicate all of the gophers hiding beneath your yard using carbon monoxide. Once the gophers have been dealt with, we’ll clean up all the gopher mounds around your home in Corona.


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Don’t let gophers move in and destroy your pristine lawn. Call Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control today for the finest gopher control services in the Corona area!