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Gophers are pesky little critters, one of the most common pests around California, and they can have devastating effects on your land. If you are concerned about gophers on your property in Temescal Valley, our pest control experts are ready to help you eliminate the problem.

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At Go-Pher The Kill, we provide safe and humane gopher trapping, baiting, and fumigation services for our neighbors in Temescal Valley. These animals can make your lawn unstable and carry diseases like hantavirus and rabies. With our help, you can avoid people falling and getting injured in gopher tunneling and the diseases these pests can carry.

When gophers have taken control of your landscaping in Temescal Valley, you may notice symptoms such as gnawing on your sprinkler system, weak spots in the ground, and sickly plants. Our services include a custom gopher control plan to exterminate your pests and totally prevent future infestations.

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If you are tired of gophers getting into your yard, we have the solution for you. Connect with Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control today for the most effective gopher control and trapping services in the Temescal Valley area!