Corona is a quaint community just 45 miles southeast of the bustling city of Los Angeles. Its population of 168,000 has its own story to tell as well, with a colorful history that goes back more than a century. If there ever was a city that defined “yuppie,” it’s Corona. Much of the population is made up of young, well-educated families that include a mixture of cultures. 
Corona boasts nearly 400 acres of parks and sports fields as well as basketball courts, tennis courts, playgrounds, skateboard activities areas, and even a large outdoor pool. The area boasts no less than five golf courses within its parameters.No wonder families and visitors find the city appealing. 
The city’s moniker is Circle City, although Corona means Crown in Spanish. Corona is not just for young people. The city hosts a senior center that offers many activities for the older set, and also has a beautiful public library and the Circle City Center, which provides educational and cultural programs. 
Corona, as a city, came about in 1886. Back then, most of its inhabitants were Indians: the Payomkowishum and the Gabrielino, both of which were known as hunters and gatherers. Several pioneers bought up a lot of the land in the area and began growing citrus crops. By the time the area became Corona, it had a diverse population that included English and Irish, and soon Italians and Mexicans followed. As the area’s citrus industry faded and it became open to modern and industrial businesses, its population changed, and became even more diverse. People of many cultures began settling there, drawn by the Southern California city’s beautiful setting and its proximity to Los Angeles and San Diego. 
Corona has its own unique developed industries now. It’s home to Fender Music, Monster Beverage, and car manufacturer Saleen, just to name a few. One of the things the city was famous for is the Corona Road Race, first held in 1913 with $10,000 in prize money. The top drivers of the time came from all over the world to compete. The Corona Road Race became very popular, but two things happened that prevented it from continuing by 1916: a tragic multi-car accident and the beginnings of World War I.
According to, the majority of residents in the city own their own homes and median home value is $444,200. That is an astounding $260,000 higher than the national average. It’s a 40s kind of place, meaning its No. 40 in terms of most diverse city, No. 44 as a city with the best public schools and No. 46 for best outdoor activities in America. It gets an A in terms of ethnic and economic diversity.
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