The town of Norco, California, has a rustic feel, featuring a western theme, by law. According to the city’s ordinances, the including qualities are “rural, informal, traditional, rustic, low-profile, and equestrian oriented.” The Town Motto is “Horse Town USA.” The estimated population of Norco was 26,610 as of 2018. 

Residents of Norco get to enjoy city living in a rural atmosphere, located in Riverside County and just 50 miles from Los Angeles. The equestrian-oriented community allows horses and features one of the country’s largest network of horse trails and more than 400 acres of parks. Oddly enough, the city has few sidewalks. Taking a horse through the town is commonplace, and riders can use hitching posts and corrals near different businesses and retail establishments. The city was founded in 1923, but not incorporated until 1964. Norco is a blend of North Corona and originated from the North Corona Land Company. Under the direction of Rex Clark, town leaders focused on creating a utopian settlement consisting the independent farmers who resided in the area growing peanuts, sweet potatoes, alfalfa, apricots, pears, and peaches.
There are various attractions and areas of interest in Norco. Top sites include Pumpkin Rock, which is a painted rock on a hilltop and is a community landmark. Norco Powerhouse, built in 1903, is an abandoned, hydro-electric power station. The step back in time is linked to the present by the graffiti covering it. SilverLakes Equestrian Park and Sports Park is a facility where soccer tournaments, equestrian events, and other sporting tournaments are held. Take a trip to Beacon Hill, a popular hiking destination that offers views of the city. The Hidden Valley Wildlife Area offers hiking and equestrian trails, and Eastvale Community Park has trails and a soccer field. Riverwalk Park is a vast green space with disc golf and picnic area, while Lake Norconian is excellent for fishing, swimming, and boating. 
Norco Village is a popular shopping destination. It is one of the newer retail centers and features 23 retail and dining facilities spread through 116,000 square feet. Among the businesses in the shopping center are Stater Brothers, CVS Pharmacy, El Pollo Loco, Miguel’s Jr., and Sandwich Spot. The area offers a variety of riding trails and is home to different organizations that support riders of all skill levels. Head into the backcountry, ride alongside the river, or even go equestrian camping. Several horse stables offer a variety of riding options as well as accommodations and even saloons and diners.
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