Southern California’s Riverside is a diverse city that has been richly shaped, in part, by the citrus industry. The region was known early on as Valle de Paraiso or Valley of Paradise, the name given in 1774 by early expeditionary leader Juan Bautista De Anzo. Still, it was John North and a group of Easterners who are credited with finding Riverside in 1870, with dreams of creating a colony dedicated to the expansion of culture and education. Today, Riverside, which was named after the Santa Ana River, along which the first Riverside community was established, is a region of exquisite, natural beauty and charm, and still explored and appreciated.

What makes Riverside so unique? It isn’t any one thing. As part of the Inland Empire, Riverside is in an ideal location, positioned close to Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean, but separated by a sizeable rural expanse. Citrus became California’s “second Gold Rush,” thanks to Riverside, which became the wealthiest city per capita in the United States in the mid-1880s. Did you know that Eliza Tibbets grew the original navel orange trees in 1873, which kick-started California’s citrus industry? Interestingly enough, the last two of the original navel orange trees remain in Riverside to this day.
If you like historic buildings and old-school architecture inspired by the Mission churches of Spanish Franciscan priests, Riverside’s Mission Revival style is evident throughout the city. Most notably in buildings like the Mission Inn, the Municipal Auditorium, and the Fox Theater. The Mission Inn, which began as a guest hotel, is now world-famous for being favored by presidents, film stars and musicians, and royalty, as well as hosting world leaders.  Believe it or not; the Mission Inn is where Ronald and Nancy Reagan spent their honeymoon, and also the place where Richard and Pat Nixon exchanged vows.
Riverside is a jewel of Southern California that has won many awards over the years. In 2019, Riverside was ranked the “#1 Place to Relocate to in California,” and just two years earlier, the city won the 22nd Annual Best of IE award for the “Best City to Live.” Riverside is home to diverse populations with unique cultural offerings, distinctive landscapes, and wildlife, and it is a magnet that draws both vacationers and entrepreneurs alike; as well as being the site of the first golf course and polo field in the Southern California region.
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