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Household pests like fleas, ants, and roaches are a problem for many properties in Fontana. Pest infestations can devastate large areas of your property quickly, and they can also result in health risks from venomous bites and food-borne illnesses. Whether you’re dealing with spiders, wasps, or other pests, we can help. 

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Go-Pher The Kill uses the latest technology and equipment to identify the source of a pest infestation in your Fontana home and design a targeted treatment plan that will effectively eliminate the problem. Our goal is to provide you with a pest-free home that is safe and comfortable for your family.

Our technicians will begin our pest control services by visiting your property in Fontana for a complete inspection of the infestation areas. Then, we will consult with you on the most suitable pest-proof products and methods to solve your pest problems. With effective and eco-friendly baits, traps, and other treatments, all your pests will be removed quickly. Thanks to our tough and long-lasting pest prevention measures, pests will be unable to return to your home.


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We are here to provide friendly and reliable pest control services that exceed your expectations. Reach out to Go-Pher The Kill today to experience the difference our pest control can make for you in the Fontana area!