Jurupa Valley

A Rich History
Welcome to the beautiful city of Jurupa Valley, California. The city was founded in 2011 as the 482nd city in California. It has prosperous history which leads to high hopes to grow on an economic, commercial, and residential level in the upcoming years. The name “Jurupa” comes from the land’s original inhabitants, two different Native American tribes; the Gabrielino and the Serrano. A popular interpretation of the meaning of “Jurupa” is “friendship and peace,” which sets a beautiful vibe for the community and the town’s residents.  
A Great Place for Opportunity
Even though it is more commonly known as a suburb of Riverside, this vibrant city has a lot to offer to residents and visitors. Covering a 44-square mile area, the city has agricultural opportunities and rural farming for people who love to grow crops. The commercial retail activity in the town is also booming. The city has seen a growth of industrial development (i.e., factories) and retail stores recently. There is a lot of land available in here for those interested in opening their business there.  
Fun for Everyone
Like many other cities in California, Jurupa Valley offers beautiful and warm weather for most of the year. Those who venture here will not be disappointed as the city offers many exciting activities. Those who enjoy nature can go for a walk in The Mount Rubidoux Park and enjoy breathtaking views. Wine lovers can visit the Galleano Winery to enjoy a lovely afternoon with family and friends. It is also no surprise that a city with rich agriculture would have a high-quality farmers market to offer to the community. You can stop by the Valley Path Farmers Market to shop for some fresh, local fruits and vegetables.
Jurupa Valley is also an excellent town for foodies. Stop by Anchos Southwest Grill and Bar during your trip for some delicious Mexican food. They serve vegan and vegetarian options for those who have special diets. The Lobby is another great restaurant to check out in the area. They serve traditional American cuisine. You can also enjoy a lovely evening in their lounge area or cocktail bar. For meat lovers, there is Duane’s Prime Steaks and Seafood. You must try a glass of wine during your visit to this restaurant. They have previously won the Golden Bacchus Award for excellent wine selection. 
Staying Pest Free
Like many other beautiful cities that offer scenic views and ample outdoor activity, Jurupa is home to many pests such as ticksroaches, and rodents. No one likes to have to fight off pests while enjoying their daily routine. Go-Pher The Kill pest control is proud to serve the Jurupa Valley community. Our customers are very happy through the high level of care, attention to detail, and effort we put into our services. We have the knowledge and experience to put you and your family’s mind at ease by eliminating your home’s pests. Call our office today to get a free estimate and start living a pest-free life.