Where do rodents enter my home?

One of the most frustrating aspects of a rodent infestation is how these pests seem to be able to get inside as if by magic. Mice are particularly adept infiltrators that can squeeze through an opening the diameter of a dime – or even a pencil, for smaller mice! Norway rats and roof rats are almost as capable, able to fit their furry bodies through a hole the diameter of a quarter.

If you’ve been struggling with rodent issues in the Riverside area, here are the areas where mice and rats are probably getting into your home:

  • Through holes and cracks in siding. Even small openings can be enough for mice and rats to slip into your walls, and from there find a way into the interior of your home.
  • Up through holes in the foundation. Rodents will be quick to take advantage of any holes large enough to squeeze through to invade your home.

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  • Under your doors. Mice, in particular, can easily squeeze under the wide openings at the bottom of exterior doors, even when they’re closed.
  • Through exterior vents, such as bathroom vents, kitchen vents and dryer vents. Unless these vent openings have a tight mesh cover, rodents can crawl right in.
  • Through pet doors. If you have a small door to let your cat or dog in or out, beware that rats and mice can easily make use of it to get into your home as well.


Working with a professional rodent control company can help to prevent rodents from gaining access to your home. Give Go-Pher the Kill a call today if you need rodent exclusion services in the Riverside area!