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Do you need help to eliminate a rodent problem from your home in Temescal Valley?

Many homes in Temescal Valley are plagued by rodents. Mice and rats will freely move through your walls and your attic, chewing apart insulation and wires as they go. Rodents can also introduce dangerous bacteria into your home, potentially causing diseases such as leptospirosis. If you’ve been struggling with a rodent infestation, a team of rodent control experts can come to your rescue.


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If rodents are making you miserable in Temescal Valley, Go-Pher The Kill will inspect your home to identify your rodent species and its entry points to your home. Our professionals will follow up by laying traps to swiftly eliminate all of the rats or mice nesting on your property.

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We can prevent ongoing rodent issues by establishing bait stations around the outside of your home in Temescal Valley. Our technicians will also use rodent exclusion techniques to make it very difficult for mice and rats to get inside again.

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For a solution to a rodent problem, bring in the best. Call Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control today for the most effective rodent control services in the Temescal Valley area!