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Sooner or later, rodents seem to find their way into every home in Murrietta. Rats and mice can slip in through the tiniest cracks, and then wreak havoc by gnawing on everything from insulation to electrical wires. Rodent droppings can also result in the outbreak of diseases like hantavirus. If you’re concerned about the presence of mice or rats in your home, your best move is to call a professional pest control company.


Reliable Rodent Removal & Exclusion Services

Once you’ve found signs of rodents living in your home in Murrietta, Go-Pher The Kill will conduct an inspection to determine how rodents entered your home and where their nests are. Our technicians will then carefully place traps around your property to safely eliminate all mice or rats.

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In addition, we can provide ongoing protection for the exterior of your home by setting up bait stations. For added peace of mind, we can also install rodent exclusion materials to keep rats and mice from reentering your home in Murrietta.

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Don’t waste your time fighting a losing battle against rodents. Connect with Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control today for the most thorough rodent control services in the Murrietta area!