How to Prevent Rodent Issues in Your Garage in Riverside, CA

Because they are often left open and see less frequent usage than other parts of a home, garages tend to be a common target for rodent infestations in the Inland Empire. Mice, roof rats, Norway rats, and squirrels will never pass up an opportunity to sneak into your garage and build themselves a nest.

Once rodents have become established in a garage, they’re difficult to remove, so it’s better to prevent them from getting inside. Follow these tips to prevent rodent issues in your garage in the Riverside area:

  • Clean out excess clutter in your garage. Any disorganized stacks of boxes, tarps, blankets, bags, and other materials provide ideal spots for mice and rats to hide and build nests. By keeping your garage clean and organized, you’ll make it less appealing to rodents and easier to get rid of them if they do find their way in.

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  • Don’t leave your garage doors open for long periods of time. While rodents may opportunistically dart into a garage at any time, a garage that’s frequently open for hours at a time is much likelier to become a target for rodent infestations. If you’re concerned about rodent activity, try to open your garage door for no more than a few minutes at a time.
  • Work with an experienced rodent control company in Riverside. Go-Pher the Kill is a local pest control provider that specializes in eliminating rodent issues from garages. By closing off rodent entry points and removing factors which may attract them, we can keep mice, rats, and squirrels out of your garage year-round.