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Are you seeking help to remove rodents from your property in Eastvale?

Every year, rats and mice cause tons of trouble for homeowners in Eastvale. It’s easy for rodents to get inside and, once they’re in, they won’t hesitate to chew through everything in their path. They’ll also leave streaks of urine and droppings in their wake, which can spread harmful bacteria like salmonella. Mice and rats are difficult to get rid of, and you might need assistance from a local pest control professional.


We’ll Get Your Rodent Infestation Under Control

If rodents have invaded your home in Eastvale, Go-Pher The Kill will perform a thorough inspection of your property to learn if you’re dealing with mice or rats and how they’ve been getting in. Using this info, our experts will strategically set baited traps to remove all of the rodents from your home.

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If rats or mice have been gnawing on your home exterior, we can leave bait stations to get rid of the rodents. For long-term rodent prevention, our team can place exclusion barriers around your home in Eastvale.

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Rodents are destructive and unsanitary, so don’t let them shelter under your roof. Contact Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control today for the best rodent control services in the Eastvale area!