Pigeon Control

Pigeon Control Prevents the Spread of Disease at Your Home or Business

Pigeons fall under the category of “pests” as they can spread disease and can wreak havoc on infrastructure. It is easy to see why people in Riverside and beyond lean on our team for professional pigeon control. 

The Damage Pigeons Cause
Pigeons will gladly claim your home or business as their own. They will perch on your roof or gutters and drop their waste seemingly everywhere. Pigeon droppings have uric acid with an elevated pH that chews right through building materials. They will destroy your home’s insulation and block essential pipes with their nests. Obstructed gutters can lead to severe water damage from the eave to the foundation. The noisy birds create quite the annoyance and create slip and fall risks. It is estimated that pigeons cause over 1 billion dollars of damage yearly.
How Pigeons Spread Disease
These birds can carry upwards of 60 diseases, the most prevalent of which are Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis, and Psittacosis. People can become infected by merely breathing in the dust created by dried droppings. A flock pigeon flapping their wings can also cause parasites, fungus, and disease to spread. Even touching a dead pigeon can cause the transmission of viruses, fungi, and bacteria, as well as increase the risk of disease vectors by ticks and fleas. It is even possible pigeon droppings in your pool can be inadvertently swallowed, leading to infection. The only surefire way to prevent the spread of such disease is to eliminate the pigeons from your property with the assistance of our pest control team.  
Take Your Pigeon Problem Seriously
If you notice even a single pigeon on or near your property, it is better to take immediate action rather than hope the birds eventually fly away. If you have any food sources such as bird feeders or open garbage receptacles, eliminate them or at least cover them. There are DIY pigeon control methods available, but they rarely work as they can only target a few birds at a time. These methods can also be time-consuming to install and put a damper on the aesthetics of your property—no unsightly fake owls for you. An inherent risk you pose when trying to control pigeons on your own is the legal ramifications of killing a protected species of pigeon, or, one that has a specific hunting season.
Go-Pher The Kill Pest Control is at Your Service  
If you have pigeons on your property, do not let the problem worsen as time progresses. Take decisive action by calling us for professional pigeon control assistance, and we will restore peace and harmony to your living or working space. In Riverside County, we are the most trusted pigeon control and exclusion company. Our team is licensed and insured to eliminate these birds as well as roaches, Bed Bugs, termites, and more, as well as nuisance wildlife. Give us a call at 951-977-8183 or fill out our convenient online contact form to obtain an estimate.